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Welcome: Zhuhai Qimao Metal Product Co., Ltd
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Optical Engineer

position statement

1. Responsible for formulation of instruments and related optical system and the module of the overall plan and implementation plan

2. Be responsible for the optical system design and components selection, etc
Responsible for the optical system error analysis and relevant test, collecting, sorting data and provide report
Develop test plan and test process, improves the performance of the optical system meet the requirements of equipment production, and put forward the corresponding improvements
With mechanical engineer, hardware engineer to cooperate to complete the instrument's overall design, installation and debugging
Write design documents, test, document and other relevant documents

job requirements

1. Optical, physics or related major, master degree or above

2. Two years experience in optical instrument development, helmet display development experience is a plus

3. Must be familiar with basic knowledge of optical instrument design and development and practical design experience
Must be familiar with optical path system calibration and debugging methods and tools, and hands-on ability
Able to skillfully use Zemax optical design and analysis software, etc
Have good command of English in listening, speaking, reading and writing

Embedded Engineer

position statement

1. Responsible for embedded software design and development, communication protocol and alignment, and complete the related technical documents

2. Assist hardware engineer to finish product debugging and testing machine

3. Assist related departments to complete the new product trial production and production work

4. Participate in product project planning, develop specific project implementation plan

5. Cooperate with department manager's daily work, responsible for work need to do other arrangements

job requirements

1. Familiar with the commonly used embedded processors, such as architecture (M3 / M0, MSP430 )embedded processors

2. Familiar with C/C + + language, understand the assembly language, good programming style

3. Familiar with TCP/IP, UDP, Https, socket communication programming

4. Experience in application development of BLE、GPRS、WIFI、Zigbee is prefer

5. Understand the mainstream embedded operating system, principle of embedded operating system development experience is a plus (such as uC/OS - ll)

6. Have certain hardware, can understand the principle diagram of the hardware, has a good ability of reading English technical documentation

software engineer

position statement

1. Web site development, edit the core module code

2. Product demand analysis, product planning and design

3. The project schedule, quality, cost management, lead the team members to complete the task together

4. Finish other tasks arranged by center or department

job requirements

1. With solid foundation of Java/Web programming, minimum 5 years experience in development, team management experience is preferred

2. Familiar with Oracle, MySQL and other relational database, have certain knowledge of NoSQL

3. familiar with data structure, , design patterns, operating system, network, IT knowledge etc.

4. Strong leadership and project management skills, strong ability of demand analysis and product design

5. The strong sense of responsibility, has a compressive ability, have the courage to challenge and innovation

Senior Mechanical Engineer

position statement

1. Assist pre-sales, technical communication with customers

2. Responsible for mechanical design of the project

3. Assist project manager to complete technical communication with customers, communication and sign

4. Responsible for mechanical drawings design, selection of components and BOOM table

5. Guide and assist equipment installation, debugging and running

6. Drawings and data of product data management (PDM)

7. Mechanical design standardization work

8. Help service, solve the technical problems

job requirements

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, you must have a bachelor's degree, mechanical design, heat control or related professional bachelor degree or above

2. Have 2 years of non-standard equipment design and related mechanical processing process design experience

3. Familiar with mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic equipment and related instrument principle, design, installation and application of knowledge of mechanical fault diagnosis technology

4. Good English reading ability, familiar with AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORKS design tools, etc

5. Five years experience in mechanical design


Contact: Kevin Lei.

Phone: +86 15919153251

Tel: +86 756 5177622

Email: leihualin@sailmetal.com

Add: Building #6.DongFeng Industrial park JingAn,ZhuHai,China 519180

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