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Welcome: Zhuhai Qimao Metal Product Co., Ltd
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Company new

Company organization outdoor development training activities

In order to further improve management of the collective sense of honor and team consciousness, on Oct. 24, our company organized outdoor development training activities, company administration department and production department attended the promotional activities.

Participants were randomly divided into two teams, through collective discussion, determine their team name, captain, flag, team songs and chants.In the process of training,these two teams had a fierce competition, completed many kinds of items, such as the rock climbing.The training of the project is mainly to establish a mutual trust, personal challenge, team communication and teamwork as the focus, the belt targeted training teacher inspired and review, to challenge themselves, melting team, improve communication, collaboration, forces training purpose.

In the training activities, all the players showed a good state of mind.All the players to be able to attend with the spirit of positive efforts, serious to every training program.Through this training, the company staff have said: in complete several challenging training projects, profoundly realized the courage, trust, the force of the team, collaboration, and breakthrough, success, happiness, for their future thinking and handle things in work and life, particularly in terms of improving the capacity of individual and team have important enlightenment function.


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